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My last OASIS – The young’n’old effect

OASIS 2003 - D Lawns Structure

After a small gap, I’m back here with my Pilani Diary. I had been narrating my life @ Psenti sem to my junior as we were heading for Delhi from Pilani after the end-semesters. She asked me about the most memorable experiences in Pilani and the one that got into my mind in a flash, was OASIS – my last one! Although the one week cultural extravaganza, one of the coolest of college culturulz in India had nothing different from the previous editions I’ve seen, my last OASIS became the most memorable one in my BITSian life because most of the people I was hanging out during this edition are my juniors! I felt so different, good, “young and old”, nostalgic and a strange mix of happiness (coz it’s OASIS) and sadness (it’s my last OASIS). I’m trying to portray my experience of my last OASIS in Pilani.

Till last OASIS (in 2003), I was a different person on-campus, just lazing around the events, sleep and hang out with friends. But things had changed quite a lot after that – I got a lot busier, started loving work to girls, priorities underwent huge shifts, thoughts got refined, aims got higher, many perspectives and opinions got imbibed; to cut the long story short I changed lots. I was busy working actively with the Creative Group at CEL for it’s maiden OASIS event called PRAYAG which had a BITS Big Bout (a panel D in the D lawns on OASIS then and now), a business + fun event called Entretainment and a potpourri of events under the PRAYAG banner. I was working closely with Srevats, Harsha, Abilash, Srinivas, Uzma, Becky, Roma, Kavya, Shipra, Anil, UdKi and a few more people probably in almost every part of PRAYAG.

We the Creative Team had great fun in the name of creativity and finally managed to get the events done too – which included things as crazy as an advertisement piece connecting cow wash, toilet soap, and sweet smell to Veerappan having a conversation with the Goddess. We came up with a cutting-edge software (people who worked in the team knows how cutting edge it is;) ), for Entretainment. But due to low battery in laptop the cutting-edge software crashed halfway and we had to switch to manual transaction processing and evaluation of extremely complex and intertwined bunch of 6 teams. My God, I still remember that female (good that I don’t remember her name) who went on screaming for every transaction we made for their team. We had a tango performance by Harsha and Hema, followed by much more dance performances (most of it could not be classified) in the Punjabi Dhaba where we went after a huge success conducting Entretainment bringing PRAYAG to a conclusion.

Sophia (name changed to protect anonymity), the marketing babe (most of us had our doubts on her gender&species, only a DNA testing could have confirmed things) of one of our event sponsors called Ten Customer (again name changed) created a huge scene of every other thing. It was a learning experience (as we call every other thing at CEL) of how to handle such specimens and still pave your way forward. Pizza Hut was the center of attraction of this OASIS – we villagers of Pilani were all enthu’d to have a good deal of lip smacking pizza crunches to the heart’s content.

Me, Abi, Udki and Uzma (CoolUz), planned for an eerie walk late in the night as we munched our Pizzas. As we were returning from a not-so-adventurous trip from CEERI corner, Abilash came up with this wonderful (?) idea of exploring FD1 to do some ghost busting (how on earth Abi??). Adventure hungry gang nodded in acceptance and in a moment we were all geared up, loading our imaginary 22-calibre pistols and tweaking our imaginary James Bond gadgets and entered in style into the deserted FD1 – the haunted bungalow (LOL – couldn’t bear this!). Squadron leader Abilash led us through one of the two passages and with great caution and poise maneuvered a corner leading to the stairs, and took off his pistol loaded with Silver bullets and letting out a war cry, twisted to the vantage point – BOOM! On seeing something, Abi’s face looked psyched much similar to the faces of The Ring ghosts victims. I was shivering and so was Uzma and UdKi almost wetted his pants – I started thinking never in my 2 years of ghost busting experience have I come across such a difficult one.

Abi now asked us to have a look at what he just saw and one by one, we slowly peeped in – got the shock of our lives, much more than what we would have got had we seen a real ghost. A embarrassed looking couple without being able to find a secret garden in the whole of BITS campus settled for the IPC Stairs. And thanks to the valiant ghost-busters (read as couple-busters), who destroyed their privacy! We didn’t leave there, much against UdKi’s requests we explored the whole of FD1 and made sure that it was void of any ghosts (now you know what’s a ghost). Uzma, the smartest in the gang was shrewd enough to notice the Chowki roaming around and we sneaked out before getting pulled out! Enough of adventure – now its show time at Pilani with Euphoria, Antharagni and Mother Jane performing in prof shows in the Audi.

After doing some hip-hops (read as monkey jumping) in the dance floor and spending a while in front of the structure in D Lawns, we moved to stand in queue for the prof shows. We got seats only in the balcony, but we were lucky enough to get seats in the same row. I must disclose this BIG news here: Rama, Anupama, Sowmya, Chaytana were the pioneers of the brand new art of STATIC CHAIR DANCING. They did some mesmerizing steps to the beats of Euphoria and invited us to join them too. But since we found the art too new, novel, precision-centric, delicate for us to even learn it; we gave up (OMG! Uzma would be able to explain the intricacies of this dance genre in detail;) ).

Four days of cool music, dance, games, plays, rock got over all of a sudden and we’re back to our base station 3201 to fold the beddings we hired and settle accounts with Controlz. Despite some bad things like lobbying with a few deans, Students’ Union, Controlz etc., OASIS was ultimately a huge hit and we all had probably the fun of our BITSian life! I would like to thank all those who were with me and made my time really memorable one during the whole of OASIS. My special thanks goes to Abi, UdKi and Uzma – you guys rock and all the best in life! After we recalled the whole of OASIS, my eyes slowly started sinking when I work up to Becky’s next question – How was your life with CDCs. This question is especially important because I had no interest in my CDCs – well that’s my next post “Academics @ BITS – pain or pleasure?”


Blogger Uday kiran Medisetty said...

Hey Blog is really cool...ya we really had great fun this oasis..hey if possible try comin down to pilani this oasis also...and oh my god!! you have four five blogs now....

1:10 AM  
Blogger BlogyDogy said...

Hey thanks UdKi! Yup, I'll definitely try to make it to Pilani this OASIS too. Yeah, but the Personal Time Inc. is still in construction phase! I'm seeing this as the next big thing in the world of blogging - Streamlining exchange of ideas. Thus would be post #1 in that blog. Check it sometime tomorrow!

1:44 AM  
Blogger Abhilash Ravishankar said...

Hey! We had a great time too, mate!
And me am 'Abhi' not 'Abi' ;)

OK...on Becky's request ...the next one is abt Academics right..

My request....Matters of the heart @ Pilani ;)

1:48 AM  
Blogger BlogyDogy said...

Oh yeah, Matters of the Heart at Pilani is definitely on the cards. But since I'm calling this a reverse diary and I'm still in last and the penultimate sem, this won't figure out now - coz "I had quit playing games with the heart"! It would sure figure out when my "Reverse Diary" reaches my 2nd year! I'm in fact planning to email the people concerned to discuss what to make public and what not to. So wait and watch!!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Sanketh said...

isn't that the picture from 2004? Just asking coz I 2003 Oasis was my last and somehow i remember a different structure! :)

6:32 PM  

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